Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Schedule for Weeks 1–3

Here a sketch of what we'll be doing over the next few weeks. Detailed posts will follow with reading questions to address in your short writing assignments nearer the days in question. In general, when there are multiple readings, I'll list them in the order in which it makes most sense to me to read them (including the optional readings).

Week 1: 
Thursday 8/25:

  • French, Science: Key Concepts in Philosophy, Introduction (if you spot this in time — otherwise, just read it for Tuesday).

Week 2:
Tuesday 8/30:

  • French, Science: Key Concepts in Philosophy, pp. 1–17 [In the future, I'll list this book as just 'French'.]

Thursday 9/1:

  • Hempel, "Scientific Inquiry: Invention and Test" [PDF]
    • Note: the PDF links should take you directly to the article, provided that you are logged into Moodle. If that doesn't work, you can simply find the articles on our Moodle page.
  • French, pp. 17–23

Week 3: 

Tuesday 9/6:

  • French, Ch. 3

Thursday 9/8:

  • Project Work Day (no reading: details TBA)

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