Monday, September 19, 2011

Another Plug for Nature Podcasts

I mentioned the Nature Podcasts already in the Links/Resources page of this blog, but I want to give them another plug. I recently caught up with the two most recent episodes (I listen while mowing my lawn, typically, and can get through two) and was especially intrigued. Among other things, there were stories about the evolutionary puzzle of cockiness (i.e., overestimating one's capabilities), a theory about how plate tectonics might have gotten kickstarted by meteors, and Italian scientists being charged for manslaughter for failing to predict an earthquake!

<Steps onto soapbox> I think it's especially important for young scientists in training (like many of yourselves) to not only learn textbook science, but to stay abreast of new developments. Spending 25 minutes a week getting the Cliffs-notes version of one of the most high-profile generalist science journals read to you, isn't a bad way to start. </Steps off soapbox>

And if you want to listen to it while mowing my lawn, that can be arranged too — I'll even lend you my iPod. . . .

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