Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Science of Creativity

Neuroscience writer and author Jonah Lehrer
On October 4th, the popular science writer Jonah Lehrer (who has done a lot of work documenting studies of creativity and decision-making) will be giving a talk on campus as part of the Bucknell Forum "Creativity: Beyond the Box"7:30 in Trout Auditorium (Vaughan Lit Building).

This topic is obviously relevant to our discussion of the role that creativity plays in science. I've put a series of papers on this topic (including a few by Lehrer and a draft by yours truly that I'm not sure how to finish) in our Moodle site in case you'd like to read more on this.

See John Hunter's write up on Lehrer here.
Lehrer's blog for Wired is here.

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