Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Follow-up Questions for Induction

I want to start class next time by considering some of the proposed solutions to the justificatory problem of induction. I will then run you through the Ravens paradox quickly (since it's in a way not so dissimilar to the problem facing H-Dism) and start on Goodman's "New Riddle". So no further reading is assigned for Thursday. However, you will probably get more out of our discussion if you read the optional articles from last time.

Here are some additional questions to think about and/or write on (if you have not done an SWA yet for this week). (Write on one:)
  • Foster compares two strategies for responding to the justification problem: saying something about the meaning of 'rational' and questioning the legitimacy of the challenge (see pp. 13–15). Explain this difference.
  • Devise an analogy that helps to illustrate the justificatory problem of induction. 
  • If you've read the Godfrey-Smith reading: try to explain I.J. Good's solution to the Ravens Problem.
  • If you've read Goodman: explain why "grue" emeralds are a problem for the instantial model.

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